How to land a high income sales job

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Sales jobs have a wide range of salaries, so you have to identify an industry before taking the necessary steps to land a post. The best paying sales jobs are the commercial sales of commodities and securities. In the sales profession, retail sales clerks are among the lowest earners. Sales professionals usually utilize similar skills. Landing higher paying sales jobs requires one to prove his/her working skills, but those with talent may find it easy to land these jobs.

Below are the ways on how to land a high income sales job:


You need to develop expertise in industry; this is because higher paying jobs require a deeper understanding of their roles and responsibilities compared to sales positions with lower pay. Salespeople earning higher salaries serve in consultative posts, and their mandate is to teach shoppers about their choices. Salespeople with lower payment are tasked to sell products which require little or no explanation. Top sales positions require individuals who are highly skilled and have a broader knowledgable base of the products they are tasked with.

Networking events
If you have the intention of landing a top job in a particular industry, then start by attending professional networking events organized by the professionals. You should hand out your business cards together with your contact information. Begin by introducing yourself and prepare a short speech expressing your interests, job hunting as well as interests. You can also seek advice on how to land a lucrative sales job instead of just sending applications for these posts.

Practice before attending an interview

Before you attend any interview it wise to prepare thoroughly, ensure all your testimonial documents are in order. These documents provide relevant information about the industries you have worked for, the positions you held, the number of working years, the awards you have won if any, the significance you made on the areas you were tasked with like attracting customers resulting to an increase in profits. Try to be passionate in the way you talk about yourself, the enterprise and the product or service you will be marketing. Your actions should speak for yourself.

Shifting careers

You are turning your existing knowledge and experience into a sales professional. For example, if you are a mere school teacher and you are not paid well, you may shift your profession by selling curriculum software applications to schools or selling tutorials to parents at affordable prices. Nursing is also another profession which you can use your knowledge and skills to land a higher sales job. If you are not earning as per your profession or expectation, you may shift for pharmaceutical or medical supply sales which can be a very lucrative career profession.

Identify the industries you want to work for and send your resume. By tailoring your resume to the company and any other specific industry to highlight how good you are, and how you will be a good match for their needs will increase your chances of landing a lucrative position. Most of the lucrative sales jobs are never advertised, but when recruiters come across a well-qualified salesperson who has his/her heart in their industry, they may decide to contact you even if they don’t have a vacant position. They may create a post if you have the right skills which suit the needs of the company.